The Bellagio Resort and Casino, is set to open at 10 a.m. Thursday. The Bellagio Fountain will Greet Guests upon arrival representing a sense of normalcy. Once inside plexiglass will be seen throughout the property as well as hand sanitizers.  These pictures, taken at the Bellagio, are  examples of what to expect from all the Las Vegas Strip Resort Casinos.  Guests Health and Safety will be the primary concern of all the Las Vegas Resorts.

              The Bellagio now offers a quick and easy check-in process through the use of GitHub. Guests can use a mobile app to avoid the line at the desk and check-in to your room instantly. You generate a digital key on your phone to open your room door, that simple you are checked-in.  GitHub mobile app check-in is available at all MGM Properties.  

                The Bellagio will be introducing Nevada Casinos’ new health and safety protocols.  These will include plexiglass barriers on black jack tables.  These plexiglass barriers will provide the proper social distancing mandated by the Nevada Gaming Commission.

Bellagio Las Vegas Slot Machines
               Every other slot machine will be disabled and the chair removed to maintain social distancing.

              Seating in the Sports Book will be spaced to insure proper social distancing.