Las Vegas is leading the way as the most popular US tourist destination during the pandemic for the "2020 Labor Day Weekend."   This is partially due to the restrictions  placed on visitors at other tourist destinations.  With destinations like Hawaii and New York requiring a 14-day quarantines and other countries restricting or preventing travel altogether Las Vegas moved up as the number 1 labor Day Weekend destination. .   Last year, 2019, Las Vegas was the third leading Labor Day Destination.

              Last year Labor Day Weekend brought in an estimated 325,000 visitors to Las Vegas.  Estimates are not available as to expected Las Vegas Labor Day traffic.  We do know that 14% of rooms across the nation have been booked as of August 21, 2020.  This compares to a nationwide average las year of 41%.
              Occupancy numbers at Las Vegas Hotels between April and June were in the 50s on weekends and as low as the 30s on weekdays, according to companies' second-quarter earnings reports.  This represents a dramatic decline in the  Las Vegas Tourist Industry.
              Las Vegas experienced a overall room occupancy rate for 2019 of 88%.  Room occupancy for mid-week was at 86% and week-end occupancy room rate was at 94%