Las Vegas police have been responding to an increase of crime on the Las Vegas Strip since the Strip reopened.
              The most recent surge being this past weekend when 85 arrests were made on the Strip between Friday, October 9 and Saturday, October 10.
              In that same time period, officers made about 700 stops. This is a proactive measure where people or vehicles are stopped for probable cause of a crime or reasonable suspicion.
             The department has added extra resources to curb crime on the Strip, including up to 100 officers patrolling the Las Vegas Strip "at times."
             The entire Las Vegas Strip is being impacted by the increase in crime including near the Mirage, in front of the Cosmopolitan, Planet Hollywood Miracle Mile Shops, and MGM Resort properties.
             Las Vegas Strip Resorts are working closely with Metro as they work diligently to reduce crime on the Strip and combined with constantly evolving security policies and procedures. Las Vegas cannot let recent high-profile incidents become reflective of Las Vegas and the safety of their properties on the Strip.”