Tesla recently announced, with much fanfare, a beta launch of its Full Self-Driving system. That system comes with a disclaimer saying, "It may do the wrong thing at the worst time, so you must always keep your hands on the wheel and pay extra attention to the road."
               In Las Vegas,  Aptiv,  autonomous vehicles have a major presence in the city.   Las Vegas Aptiv is currently operating a commercial program that allows Lyft customers to hail a self-driving car powered by Aptiv’s autonomous driving platform.  Aptiv has a total of 75 BMW 5 series sedans which can easily be spotted on the streets of Las Vegas thanks to their bright orange wheels. With a presence at CES for more than 20 years, Aptiv has experience with the city’s grid system of roads, which allows for extensive research and development testing.
              The Aptiv Las Vegas Customer Technology Center is home to the largest fleet of self-driving vehicles, a growing staff of vehicle safety operators and an innovation showcase.
              Aptiv is a global technology leader, with more than 160,000 people across 126 manufacturing facilities and 12 major technical centers worldwide. With a presence in 44 countries, Aptiv is addressing mobility’s toughest challenges through their deep software and systems integration expertise, delivering market relevant solutions for the future.
             Right now, there is no car on sale that can drive itself without requiring the driver to pay attention to the road and be prepared to take control of the vehicle.   We’ve yet to define how “Safe” is Safe, and city vehicle infrastructure are not yet in place.  In fact, some automakers have slowed down their timelines.
            Currently expecting individual autonomous vehicles to operate independently is a recipe for disaster.
            It appears that self-driving fleets will pave the way with the first autonomous vehicles will likely be taxis and cargo trucks. Both industries have remained bullish on autonomy and see it as the future. You won’t be able to buy an autonomous car anytime soon.
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