The Hospitality Industry is undergoing some rapid changes. This is more prevalent in Las Vegas, a city dependent on tourism, than in other tourist destination that have more diversified economies.
               Overall unemployment in Las Vegas exceeds the national average  while  construction is booming. Several new hotels are in the developmental stages while unemployment is at record levels among hospitality workers. The reason for this was best described in a recent Forbes magazine article describing how the rich benefitted from the crisis caused by the pandemic.
               Some Las Vegas hotels are closing their hotels during weekdays but leaving their casino floors open for bettors.  Las Vegas is moving backward during the pandemic and relying on gaming to attract visitors.
               As we become more dependent on computers and cellphones, the travel and tourism services become less and less necessary. Las Vegas Casinos now have you checking-in with your cell phone. Counter check-in is disappearing.  Travel and tourism is becoming less and less personal.

Set to Open Spring 2021

              This trend may be temporary as several new hotel/casinos being built are smaller hotels with more amenities and will pressure larger hotels to return to 2019, a record setting year,  service oriented vacation style.
              Las Vegas will rebound but the projections are for sometime between 2022 and 2025. The fall of 2021 should result in some real vacation mask-less savings for both hotel room rates and entertainment as Las Vegas attempts to woo tourists back to Las Vegas.

Circa Resort Las Vegas, 21+ resort
Circa Resort Downtown Las Vegas

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