AREA15 February 2021 Art Displays

                AREA15 Opens New, Immersive Experiences
                AREA15, the immersive art and entertainment district located minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, announces the opening of several new experiential attractions:
Meow Wolf's Omega Mart is set to open in Las Vegas on February 18th Meow Wolf, the Santa Fe-based arts and entertainment company, will open its second permanent installation, Omega Mart Thursday, February 18th. Featuring jaw-dropping work from international and local artists, Omega Mart sends participants of all ages on a journey through surreal worlds and immersive storytelling featuring four vast themed areas and 60 additional unique environments, including installation-filled rooms, terrains, and portals to alternate universes. Omega Mart is the anchor experience at AREA15, an immersive art and entertainment district located minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. For more information, contact Kristin Weddingfeld, Meow Wolf,

Art in Motion at Area 15
Art in Motion

               The Beast by Todd English Open at AREA15
               Celebrity Chef Todd English recently debuted his 6,500 square-foot food hall. Evolving from what was once a pop-up concept, the chef-driven food hall termed “The Beast” has become a permanent fixture within the entertainment venue. The Beast Food Hall features a communal dining area complete with two bars and a competitive mixology program. Standout fare on the menu includes tuna tartare wonton tacos, chile-lime watermelon salad, chilled shrimp, loaded fries with short rib ragu, buffalo wings, Korean chicken wings and more. For more information, contact Nick Vardakis, Ava Rose Agency,
               Wink World: Portals Into The Infinite

               Designed by Blue Man Group Co-Founder Chris Wink, Wink World: Portals Into The Infinite takes the fusion of whimsy, color, art, technology and music which he pioneered with Blue Man Group to the next level. Visitors to Wink World will walk through six infinity-mirror rooms, each one featuring a stunning production number choreographed to original music, drawing upon Wink’s love of black light and other dynamic stage effects to evoke “life force” and inspire wonder. Described by Wink as “equal parts psychedelic art house and carnival funhouse,” Wink World explores the concept of infinity in entertainingly conceptual and aesthetic ways.

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