The RTC, he Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada is launching a pilot on-demand ride-share program.   Similar to Uber and Lyft, the "RTC OnDemand"  program allows customers to order a ride within a 30-square-mile service area.  Customers within the area can be picked up at their door and dropped off at a variety of locations in the zone for $2 one way.  A short walk could be required for a rider to reach their final destination.
               The new service also benefits paratransit customers by offering door-to-door service throughout the RTC’s broader valley wide service area.  Paratransit riders can utilize the service for $3 each way.
Residents in west Henderson and the southwest valley are able to utilize the service during the pilot program.  If they need to travel somewhere outside the 30-square-mile service area, the RTC service will drop them off at a bus stop at the edge of the service area.
              “The RTC is proud to invest in the community by continuing to test new technologies through pilot projects such as "RTC-OnDemand,”  RTC CEO M.J. Maynard said in a statement. “By focusing on technology and new ways to provide efficient transit to our customers, we can offer universal transit options where our paratransit customers can share rides with fixed-route transit customers.”
               Interested residents can order a ride via the OnDemand smartphone app or website, or by calling 702-676-1801.  Riders must be 6 years of age or older to ride alone or order a ride on the service.
              The service will operate seven days a week between 4 a.m. and 1:45 a.m., with rides expected to arrive within 30 minutes of being ordered. Once a driver arrives at the pick-up point, there is a two-minute wait time for OnDemand users and a five minute wait for paratransit riders.
             Hopefully this pilot program designed primarily for Las Vegas Residents will evolve back into a service for the Las Vegas Strip.....


               Las Vegas and the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC)  continue to introduce innovative new sources of transportation.
               The RTC on Demand program hopefully will result in the  re-introduction of  "TRIP to Strip."  In 2019 prior to COVID the RTC had introduced the "Trip to Strip,"  program.
               The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) pilot program  "Trip to Strip" was one of the most successful micro-transit pilot programs in the nation.  It was designed for tourists to Las Vegas as a means of getting up and down the Strip. Due to financial constraints facing  the overall transit system,  resulting from COVID,  the RTC made the decision to discontinue the pilot program,  effective Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2019.
              "Trip to Strip,"  was an on-demand service that would  take you where you wanted to go along the Las Vegas Strip and key places of interest without any surge pricing!   You simply downloaded the Trip to Strip app, requested a ride for up to 11 passengers and you would be taken where you wanted, when you wanted, in style.   When you Booked a trip a premium van  picked you up, and took you to your destination.
               When visiting Las Vegas,  please check with the RTC, the Las Vegas Visitors and Convention Bureau, or your Hotel  Concierge to explore the transportation options on the Las Vegas Strip.