Elvis is Returning

               It looks like Elvis is on his way back to Las Vegas.
Elvis Wedding Chapel Ceremony
                I think this is a result of the negative publicity the proposed ban created for ABG..  Go ahead and plan your Elvis Las Vegas Wedding...
                Las Vegas Chapels warned two weeks ago not to market the King’s name and likeness or stage Elvis-themed weddings are now being offered partnerships by the company that originally threatened legal action.
               Authentic Brands Group (ABG) contacted multiple chapel operators, saying the company wants to partner with these small businesses rather than take them to court, according to chapel operators.
               At least one owner reports she has been offered a $20,000-a-year licensing deal to continue business as usual.
               ABG’s partnership package reportedly includes the use of registered trademarks, access to digital images, VIP hotel stays and tours to Graceland, and the authorized sale of merchandise at the chapel
               To pay $20,000-a-year could be a little steep for some Wedding Chapels.  In any event it looks like Elvis will return.

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