Atomic Liquors is Las Vegas' oldest freestanding bar!    A Las Vegas institution that is turning 70 years old.  Atomic Liquors was the first free-standing bar in all of the Las Vegas Valley and many say it set the tone for downtown’s revitalization.  Featured in The Hangover, Casino, Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown, Brew Dog.

              Atomic Liquors has spent seven decades at the same location - 917 Fremont Street.
              Atomic’s name was a result of the nuclear testing that began one year before it opened and continued through much of the 50′s.  People would gather at the bar to watch the explosions at the test site from a maybe not that safe distance of 65 miles.
When the Atomic opened in 1952, the city was just 43 years old, the Hoover Dam was 21 years old. The 50′s were an important decade for Las Vegas. The Riviera, Sands, and Dunes also opened which attracted the Rat Pack and Elvis who hung out at the Atomic.
              A variety of Celebrities drank at the Atomic among them the iconic singer and actress Barbara Streisand.
              A special chair specifically for Barbara Streisand is still located in the spot she was known to hang out at.

              When you walk through the entrance of Atomic Liquors you’ll meet people who genuinely enjoy working and drinking here. None of the “finish your drink and let’s get to the next place” attitude You will definitely want to hang out here  with no rush to leave.  Any visit to Fremont Street requires a stop at  Atomic Liquors.

917 E Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101.  Opens Daily  @ 12 noon.

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