Journey Celebrates a 50 Year Journey

               Consider the shows at Resorts World as a kind of preview to that anniversary. Journey is performing with a full orchestra in its Resorts World premiere on "Friday (15) and Saturday (16) and again July 22-23.  The onstage roster is Schon, Jonathan Cain on keyboards, Arnel Pineda on lead vocals, Deen Castronovo on drums and vocals, Todd Jensen on bass, and Jason Derlatka on keyboards and vocals.
               The band is committed to some of its indelible hits, including “Don’t Stop Believin’,” “Wheel in the Sky,” and “Who’s Crying Now.”
               As rock scholars well know, Schon split from the original Santana, headed up by Carlos Santana, to form Journey. The two guitarists have reunited over the years, including a collaboration on Santana’s 50th anniversary show at House of Blues at Mandalay Bay in 2017.
               Schon said it will not be a greatest-hits show, however.
               “I’m assuming we’re going to play three or four new songs in the set,” Schon said, referring to selections from the band’s latest album, “Freedom,” released this month. “We’ll be playing stuff like ‘City of Hope,’ ‘Winds of March,’ ‘Patiently,’ to show we’re not on just the greatest-hits list.”

               A key figure of Journey’s reassembled lineup has still not reunited with the band. Bass virtuoso and “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson “is still in the mix” and in talks about how and where to return to the lineup. Jackson underwent surgery on his spine two years ago, which has delayed his return to live performance.
               “He’s still healing himself, but he might up for the second week in Vegas,” Schon said. “It’d be great to see him and maybe pop him onstage for a couple songs, if he can actually make it to Vegas.”

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