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               The Bellagio - CityCenter - Park MGM tram runs daily from 8 a.m. - 4 a.m., every seven minutes. The Tram arrives just about every 15 minutes and the ride lasts about two to six minutes.
               The Bellagio stop of Monorail Las Vegas is accessible from a hallway in the Bellagio Spa Tower near the walkway to Vdara. There are stairs and an elevator that go up to the Station. The Station itself is located outside but it does have a roof to protect you from the weather. Guests at Vdara would access the tram by taking a short walk along a walkway to the Bellagio Spa Tower entrance. Once there, follow the signage
               The Tram stops at Crystals and again you'll be outside but within a shelter. From this stop riders can go downstairs into the mall.
               The Tram's final stop is the Park MGM. The Tram's exit is at the Park MGM's Street of Dreams shopping center. There is also an entrance to Aria accessible from this stop. It will lead you to the front portion of Aria's Casino.
               This route on the Las Vegas Monorail varies based on what hotel you start at. If you start at the Excalibur Main Station, the Monorail will take you directly to Mandalay Bay - about a 3-minutes trip. If you start from Mandalay Bay, you will stop at the Luxor and then the Excalibur - about a 7-minutes trip. The express tram runs daily from 9 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., and trains leave every 3-7 minutes. The all-stops tram runs from 11 a.m. - 10:30 p.m.
               All waiting areas are indoors or covered except the Luxor's, but some walking is required to make the loop (there are stairs as well as an elevator to access the tram stop). Fortunately, everything is well air-conditioned. Small platforms and a lack of any attendants at the Mandalay Bay end mean you may have to scramble to a car when traffic is heavy, but even a holiday weekend crowd can be accommodated once the initial rush for a seat dies down.
               Although it's a little more complicated to make this loop, the profusion of stations has some advantages: The Main Station offers a FREE pull on a SLOT MACHINE with a $5,000 Payoff (though it gives out many more free show tickets), and the Luxor's is the only monorail stop with music for waiting passengers.

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