Life is Beautiful 3 Day Celebration
Returns to Las Vegas

             Life is Beautiful, and it’s about to get more so.
             Downtown LasVegas’ nationally renowned, three-day music, arts and food fest is back for year nine, spanning 18 city blocks, seven stages and a whole lot of worn-down tread on the soles of your Nikes.

             There will be plenty for the ears, with 150 performers, spanning EDM heavyweight Calvin Harris, insistently funky Brits Jungle, Irish singer-songwriter Dermot Kennedy, indie popster/comedian Oliver Tree and scads more.

             As well as an abundance for the eyes with a ton of art, from murals galore to installation pieces by Justkids, Seattle artist Neon Saltwater and designers Space Objekt and Reza Hasni creating an immersive light display for the first time in America.

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