The MSG Sphere an Incredible Entertainment Venue

            The MSG Sphere in Las Vegas, the largest sphere on Earth and home to the world’s most advanced audio system, Sphere Entertainment Company.
            Sphere Studios has partnered with 3-D innovator HOLOPLOT to create "Sphere Immersive Sound," which is “the world’s largest, fully integrated concert-grade audio system that revolutionizes immersive audio experiences.”
            Every seat inside the Dome Sphere will offer “crystal-clear, individualized sound” when the venue opens in Sin City this September. To achieve this, the system utilizes 1,586 permanently installed loudspeaker modules, 300 mobile loudspeaker modules, 167,000 speaker drivers as well as amplifiers, and processing channels, according to the release.

            The over 395,100 pound system will be 99% hidden from guests behind a giant LED screen made by MSG.
            The venue has already become the center of attention through its outdoor LED screen that captures the city and displays a giant eyeball. A nightly display of events, including such things as the American flag, a basketball, a Jack-o-lantern and even Earth itself are on display from 5PM to 11PM.
            Those attending one of the 25 concerts featuring U2 at the MSG Sphere will be among the first to experience the sound system from the inside when the venue officially debuts on Sept. 29 and runs through mid-December.

            “Most music venues are sports venues. They’re built for sports – they’re not built for music. They’re not built for art,” says U2’s Bono in an Apple Music interview. “This building was built for immersive experiences in cinema and performance.”

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