The Raiders named Antonio Pierce (AP) their new Head Coach. You wonder if this is a love affair or a decision based on performance. AP has the overwhelming support of the Raiders Players. His overall record of (5W - 4L) was better than his predecessor but his record based on opponents' performance was similar.

                I learned at an early age the importance of the Coach to a Football Team at Washington Union High School. My High School Football Coach, for 2 years, was a guy name Bill Walsh. Coach Walsh took a team that was 1-8 and made us 8-1 for 2 seasons, with the same players, and CIF Champions the second season.
               I think the Raiders may be getting too excited over Antonio Pierce.  Davis regrets letting Rich Bisaccia (7W - 5L) get away after taking the Raiders to the 2021 Season Playoffs and not wanting to let that happen again. Antonio Pierce didn't take the Raiders to the playoffs.
Las Vegas Raider Coach
                One of the things that puzzled me about Antonio Pierce was his failure to ever use Garoppolo. I always thought that he should have used Garoppolo for at least 2 games, after taking over, to see if a change in offense would have changed Garoppolo’s season. Watching Garoppolo’s feet, from a distance, when he did play, indicated he was uncomfortable in the McDaniel's Offense.

Las Vegas Raider Coach

                Josh McDaniels came to the Raiders with an 11-17 Head Coaching Record. He inherited a team that had just made the NFL Playoffs.
                When the 2023 Season started the Raiders had the Best Running Back and the Best receiver in Football. They added a Quarterback, Garoppolo, who was one of the top-rated quarterbacks in football over the last 6 years.
               The Raiders Offense was terrible for the 2023 Season regardless of the coach. Neither Adams nor Jacobs were effective and the rookie QB Aidan O’Connell demonstrated he was not a franchise QB. Jimmy Garoppolo, as bad as he was, ended up having a higher QB Rating for 2023 than Aidan O’Connell.
               Garoppolo, who seems to have been discarded, played under the McDaniel's Offense. O’Connell played under Antonio Pierce’s Offense that to me, at times, resembled the “West Coast Offense.” An Offense Garoppolo, was extremely successful with and resulted in him being Rated one the Best QBs in the NFL over the past 6 yrs prior to the Raiders. The Raider Offense under McDaniels was never designed for Garoppolo and never played to Garoppolo’s strengths.
                Now I’m noticing an excitement, by the Raiders Players, about the prospects of the Raiders signing Kirk Cousins. I have a lot of respect for Kirk Cousins, but what about Garoppolo?  Let's compare them.
              Cousins, 35 yrs old, Garoppolo 32 yrs old. Won Lost Records, Cousins (78-70-20) Garoppolo (47-22). Garoppolo is rated one of the top QBs over the last 6 years. Additionally, Garoppolo is in the Best Condition he has been in for several years due to is lack of playing during the 2023 season. Cousins is recovering from a season ending injury a similar condition to what Garoppolo experienced when he joined the Raiders.
               Antonio Pierce seems to have a little different approach to coaching than most Head Coaches. We will have to watch and wait to see how it turns out.