CIRCA'S STADIUM SWIM, located downtownon  Fremont St,   boasts six pools and three levels, with a monumental 143-foot-wide 14-million-pixel HD screen presiding over it all broadcasting games and entertainment of all kinds.
                In addition, Stadium Swim has a 4,000-person capacity, including 337 chaise lounges, 38 daybeds, and 30 cabanas, and is open 365 days a year. Insta-ready selfie walls, swim-up bars, and ultraviolet-light sanitation and water-recirculation self-cleaning patterns (which will provide guests with a state-of-the-art public-pool experience in terms of cleanliness) round out the amenities.

                Guests at the D and Golden Gate have access for free, including an hour before Stadium Swim opens to the public. General-admission all-day (9 a.m. to 11 p.m.) tickets are on sale to non-hotel-guests for $10 per person and are good for football-viewing parties.  Lounge chairs are rented in two- or four-hour increments for $7.50 per hour. Daybeds and cabanas are sold with a food-and-beverage minimum and can be reserved all day.
               THE CIRCA SPORTSBOOK claims, the 3 story sportsbook, is the world’s largest sportsbook in the world. The stadium-style venue is a “one of a kind betting experience” as described  by Circa sportsbook director Matt Metcalf, with single-seat, cushioned chairs in front of a 78-million-pixel, high-definition screen; a dedicated broadcast studio with real-time, in-depth analyses; and enough room for up to 1,000 bettors.

               Anyone visiting what is  the largest sports book in the world will surely agree — many sci-fi film command centers don’t look as opulent as Stevens’ new venue. The 78 million-pixel screen, which reportedly cost more than $20 million, beams across nearly the entire casino floor, dazzling those who approach with its clarity and contrast.
               It can play as many as 24 sporting events at a time, though it will generally show fewer, depending on the schedule of a given night. Patrons will be able to see every game on the screen — without squinting to make out the score or zooming in on ant-sized players, as in typical sports books.

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