The Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is celebrating the Year of the Ox with a display entitled, “A Season of Love.”
               Nearly 63,000 plants and flowers are split across four scenes inside the conservatory, each created in the art of feng shui. The designs are meant to convey messages of love for nature, commitment, tradition, children and travel, according to a Tuesday news release.

               “This beautiful Lunar New Year display is specially designed to honor the Year of the Ox, focus on love and evoke inspiration in the new year,” designer Ed Libby said in the release. “This year, perhaps more than ever, we can all use an added dose of inspiration and love.”
               Two Chinese foo dog water fountains, designed to ward off negative energy and welcome a positive new year, greet guests as they enter the conservatory. Five 3D-printed jade medallions hang from the ceiling and symbolize prosperity, good luck and success.

               A pair of golden cattle — one male, one female — symbolizes the strength to overcome challenges in the new year. Gold cherry blossom branches representing durability and rebirth float above the east flower bed, and an oversized koi leaping from the water represents the promise of good fortune.    The conservatory also features real koi, “smoking” incense pots and a floating moon with an ox symbol.
               Seventy-five employees helped assemble the display, and 10 gardeners are set to maintain the plants and flowers in the conservatory, "Season of Love."

              “A Season of Love" is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week through March 6. A limited number of guests can enter at one time through a designated entryway near the south bed. Floor markers and employees inside will help guide visitors through the conservatory as per the Las Vegas COVID Safety Rules..

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