Las Vegas Latest COVID Guidelines

               Las Vegas latest COVID Guidelines, have directed venues with 4,000 seats or more that require fans to be at least partially vaccinated can drop the mask mandate for those who are fully vaccinated.   Those who are partially vaccinated would still be required to wear a mask.
               Las Vegas large venues like Allegiant Stadium and the T-Mobile Arena will be allowed to opt out of Nevada’s indoor mask mandate by requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination.
               “It’s not a mandate, it’s not a requirement, it’s not rolling anything back,” Sisolak said at a downtown Las Vegas News Conference. “We’re trying to open up our economy more, and getting more people working.” Sisolak described the option as a cutting-edge measure that would boost confidence in attending large events. Venues that enact such an option could administer vaccines outside of an event to allow formerly unvaccinated attendees to enter, he said.
               “There’s no other venues in the country that are doing this,” he said. “I think it is going to get more people wanting to go to an event because they know that when they walk in that arena, or that stadium, everybody’s vaccinated.”

               ”I’m a realist and can understand that it’s difficult in a venue of 20 or 65,000 people to keep people masked up,” Sisolak said.
Sisolak's announcements followed the Raiders announcement that fans will be required to present proof of COVID-19 vaccination before attending games at Allegiant Stadium this season.
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               The Raiders will require proof of COVID-19 vaccinations for games at Allegiant Stadium this season, the NFL team announced Monday night.
               Fans must show proof through the CLEAR app and Health Pass feature, and they will be allowed to enter the stadium without masks if fully vaccinated.
               For those who aren’t vaccinated the Raiders will offer vaccinations on site at Allegiant Stadium before home games, allowing newly vaccinated fans to enter wearing a mask. Fans who have one of the two shots of Pfizer or Moderna will be allowed to enter, but must wear masks until fully inoculated, or two weeks after the second shot.
               Fans between the ages of 2 and 11 who aren’t eligible for the vaccine can attend games but must wear a mask.
               The policy will be in place for the first regular season home game, the Sept. 13 Monday Night Football matchup against the Baltimore Ravens. The Raiders marked the first team in the National Football League to announce a vaccine/no mask policy.
               A venue selecting this option would have to develop a way to determine the partially vaccinated from the fully vaccinated for enforcement purposes, Sisolak said. The Raiders directed fans to use the CLEAR app and Health Pass feature to present proof of vaccination.
               Nevada’s indoor mask mandate is in effect in counties with high or substantial transmission of COVID-19, which includes Clark County.
              Event operators seeking the exemption will be required to a submit a form to the State Department of Business and Industry and the local health authority.