Ruggs Posts $150,000 Cash Bond

               Las Vegas Raiders', second year, wide receiver Henry Ruggs III  was booked into Clark County Detention Center on two felony counts as a result of a crash that left one dead.   A 23 year old Las Vegas woman and her dog were killed  in the fiery car crash caused by Henry Ruggs.
              Ruggs retained high-profile attorneys David Chesnoff and Richard Schonfeld, the same lawyers representing former UNLV basketball recruit Zaon Collins against his own felony DUI charges in which another was killed last Dec. 30.

               Similar senseless actions which cost others their lives and have  now impacted two local athletes in less than a year.
               Ruggs was arraigned on Wednesday morning, Nov 13, and bail was set at $150,000. A $1m bail was sought by the District Attorney due to the circumstances surrounding the crash.
               The Prosecutor mentioned during the Court proceeding that based on Ruggs’ own odometer two seconds before the crash Ruggs was traveling at 156MPH.  This was a speed both the prosecutor and the judge had never experienced in any previous case.  Ruggs also had an illegal gun on the floorboard of the front seat. Ruggs blood alcohol test showed him to be twice the Nevada Legal Limit.
              When Ruggs slammed into the Toyota Rav4SUV from behind,  being driven by a 23 year old women, the Toyota was hit with such force it burst into flames trapping the woman and her dog inside.  Both died at the scene.

               Ruggs was initially booked on DUI and reckless driving.  Charges will be added as a result of the death of a 23 year old woman and her dog and injuries to Ruggs' girlfriend.  The District Attorney brought up the fact that Ruggs could face up to 46 years in jail if convicted on charges that have been filed at the bail hearing.   The District Attorney indicated additional charges will be filed as Ruggs' girlfriend was also seriously injured.

                  Ruggs has a history of speeding that includes a YouTube video that was just removed.
                  I don’t look at this as an accident. Ruggs made a choice. One he will regret for the rest of his life regardless of the outcome. Here was a rich young, 22 years old, football player driving a 2020 Corvette and living in a $1M house. The NFL provides safe transportation to and from destinations for players.  There was no reason to drive drunk.
                 I’ll never understand it.  When you know that alcohol or other substances might be involved on a particular night out, why not ensure someone does the driving?
               A beautiful young, 23 year old, woman is dead.  Why?