MSG Sphere Readied For LED Panels

              MSG Entertainment announced that Crews working on the MSG Sphere will top off the massive Las Vegas domed Entertainment Center on Tuesday, May 24, bringing it closer to completion. Topping off the venue’s steel exosphere will mark the “completion of primary structural work on the project.
             Standing at 366-feet tall, the exosphere is the largest spherical structure on Earth.

             According to MSG Entertainment, the exosphere will ultimately be covered with approximately 580,000 square feet of fully-programmable LED paneling, which will form the largest LED screen in the world.
             The company expects to complete construction on MSG Sphere in 2023. Once complete, according to MSG Entertainment, the venue is expected to be the largest spherical structure in the world at 366-feet tall and 516-feet wide.
             MSG Sphere will have a scalable capacity of approximately 17,500 seated to 20,000 with a mix of seated and standing, according to the company.

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