David Blaine tells us, at The Theatre @ Resorts World: "WHATEVER YOUR VISION OF A LAS VEGAS MAGIC SHOW IS, THIS ISN’T IT"
               Good. The magic community can stand to mix it up a little, with artistry from a superstar willing to submerge himself in the Vegas scene.  Blaine just casually goes about his business while blowing a few thousand minds.
               Consider his application of balloons. Traditional magicians will twist them into animals, maybe pop them while joking about their crude skills. They might use them to reveal a cellphone they’ve procured from an audience member.

               Not Blaine. He fills a couple-dozen big red balloons with helium, hooks them to a harness and floats around the room. This is what you see as you The Theater, the superstar overhead, cheerily describing this high point of his career.
               Those linking acts open Blaine’s “In Spades” show at Resorts World. He opened with a Friday/Saturday doubleheader, returning Oct. 28 and 29, then Dec. 16 and 17. Blaine has his own way of performing magic, what he considers “quiet” acts. He says no “exotic” animals are used, and he’s correct unless you consider a couple of frogs (which he regurgitates) and an alligator (who joins him in a giant fishbowl in his water-submersion number) to be exotic.

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