Raiders Raise Season Ticket Prices To Meet Demand

Las Vegas Raider Football
                Las Vegas is the leading US Sports City Destination and as a result the cost of attending a Raiders home game is increasing for some season ticket holders.
               The Raiders unveiled the increase depending on where a fan sits and whether they opt to pay in full or via payment plan.
               Season-ticket prices have ranged from $650 to $4,500 for this season and last. Now that range is between $700 and $4,500. The top three most expensive range of tickets saw no change in price.
               The lowest-priced season ticket increased from $650 to $700 if a fan opts to pay in full, or $715 via payment plan. Price in the middle tier increased from $1,650 per seat to either $1,780 if paid in full or $1,815 with a payment plan.
Allegiant Stadium Allegiant Stadium Las Vegas
               Anyone purchasing season tickets has to purchase personal seat licenses for Raiders games at Allegiant Stadium. Those PSLs ranged in price from $500 to $75,000 per seat, with the agreement good for 30 years.
               The Raiders sold out of PSLs almost a year before Allegiant Stadium was completed. That netted the team $549 million, all of which was put back into the facility via upgrades during construction of the $2 billion facility.
Las Vegas Raiders Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas
               In order to keep their seats and to not forfeit their PSLs, fans must renew their season tickets each season. The licenses are transferable and seat holders can sell their PSL.
               As a result of Las Vegas’ status as the leading “Sports Destination” Raiders games at Allegiant have become a hot seller on the secondary ticket market.

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