Frustration continues to grow among the Raider Players, following the loss to the Colts, as the season continues to spiral out of control.  Derek Carr, in particular, displayed displeasure with teammates while not identifying anyone. Carr stated players need to be more deeply committed to the team’s success.  And you can be sure, when a team has a 2-7 record, there figures to be plenty of reasons for finger-pointing and blame.
               Although not naming him Carr indicated the absence of star tight end Darren Waller could be a contributing factor.

               Carr however has been pointed out by McDaniels' on occasion. What was expected to be an explosive Raider Offense has been anything but. A three-time Pro Bowl selection, Carr helped the Raiders reach the playoffs during the 2016 season, the franchise's first appearance since 2002. He led Las Vegas to another postseason berth in 2021.  Carr's record (W57-L70) coming into the 2022 season does leave a little to be desired. Carr is the Raiders Alex Smith. Carr has great numbers but mostly based on short passes, lot of yards, not a lot of wins and limited playoff experience in 9 seasons.
               Leaving the blame at Carr's door isn't fair in that there has been a complete failure by the Raiders on all sides of the ball, including Defense.
               This is the Raiders third season in Las Vegas and destined to be their first losing season. In 2020 the Raiders were W8-L8 and last year W10-L7.
Las Vegas Raider Coach
               The addition of Davante Adams for 2022 was an indication of a desire to win now by the Raiders. The Raiders with Davante Adams playing alongside Darren Waller, Hunter Renfrow and Josh Jacobs, provided Carr with to many targets for most defenses. Add what was an improving defense and the Raiders appeared playoff bound for 2022.
               The 2021 Raider Season was one of the most difficult in Raider history for all involved, Coaches, Players, and Owner.  In addition to other issues Coach Gruden was forced to resign midseason. The 2021  Raiders at the time were (W3-L2) and went on to finish (W10-L7) and make the playoffs.
Las Vegas Raider Coach
               In one of the most turbulent football seasons in Raider history, Rich Bisaccia was named the interim head coach of the Raiders following Gruden's resignation. On October 17, 2021, Bisaccia made his head coaching debut against the Denver Broncos and he led the Raiders to a 34–24 win. Rich Bisaccia led the Raiders to a 7–5 record, and the Raiders qualified for the playoffs for the first time since 2016 after a win over the Los Angeles Chargers in the final week of the regular season. Bisaccia became the first interim head coach since Bruce Arians with the 2012 Indianapolis Colts to lead their team to a postseason berth.
               However, the message being sent by the current Coaching Staff indicates the 2022 Raiders could be Rebuilding for the future.
               McDaniels' Offense experienced similar issues at Denver, lots of yards, no points. His Defense experienced similar issues after inheriting a promising Denver Defense, only to see it collapse.
               What can we expect the rest of 2022 and 2023?   NOT MUCH.......

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