ALLEGIANT STADIUM Draws 500,000 for 41
Events During the Quarter Ending Sept 2021

               Allegiant Stadium started off in a downward spiral, the stadium bult for the Raiders, appears to now be heading in the right direction.
               2020 turned into a slow start with the only winner being the Raiders whose value increased over $1B. In order to make the initial stadium Bond Payments money was needed from the "Emergency Debt Reserve Fund." This early trend appears to have been reversed.
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              Allegiant Stadium has now proved to be a huge draw during the first few months fans have been allowed to attend events at the $2 billion facility.
               Events at the stadium, which sat mostly empty in 2020 before fully opening to fans in July, drew 510,566 attendees via 41 total events between July and September, according to Las Vegas Stadium Authority data.
               Allegiant Stadium “is delivering on that promise (of drawing large events) not only on game day, but before and after game day,” said Jeremy Aguero, chief operations and analytics officer for the Raiders. “It’s doing what we all hoped five years ago when we started having this conversation (and it) is just incredibly gratifying.”
               Of those attending events at the stadium, 157,101 were drawn to three Raiders games, 130,000 were attributed to three concerts and 40,819 to two UNLV football games.
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               Another 161,014 were associated with four other ticketed events at the stadium: 55,000 for the CONCACAF Gold Cup Final soccer match; 50,000 for the BYU-Arizona College Football Game; 40,000 for WWE’s SummerSlam; and 16,014 for the Leagues Cup showdown between the Seattle Sounders of Major League Soccer and Liga MX’s Club Leon.
               There were also 24 private events and other smaller events that drew over 28,000 people total.
               The quarter’s top attended event was the Garth Brooks concert July 10, which saw 63,000 fans.
               Not only are those events drawing people to the stadium, they are also drawing visitors to Las Vegas in droves, according to Steve Hill, stadium authority board director, who also serves as president and CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.
               “We (LVCVA) show that 84 percent of the attendees at CONCACAF soccer match were from out of town,” Hill said. Slightly less than 70 percent of those attending SummerSlam were out of towners, he added.
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